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1. Why does my gums bleed?

It could be because of inflammation in the gums. If its been more than 6 months or more than since your last teeth cleaning or more than what was recommended by your dentist; then it may be a sign for you to get a teeth cleaning.

Your dentist will examine your teeth and recommend how often you need to get your teeth cleaned.

Seeing your dentist for a correct diagnosis is needed.

2. Why are my teeth sensitive to cold?

It could be because of multiple reasons; could be a cavity, receding gums, bad oral hygiene, broken old fillings, etc.

Make an appointment with your dentist for an exam.
The dentist will do a thorough exam to diagnose and suggest the treatment.

3. Is getting teeth cleaned good for my teeth?

Professional teeth cleaning prevents chances of future dental diseases including gum disease, bone loss around teeth, bad breath, cavities, etc.
Teeth cleaning improves general oral health and decreases chances of future dental disease.

4. How often shall I get teeth cleaning?

It depends upon how your current gum/periodontal health is. Your Dentist will evaluate your overall gum/periodontal health and recommend the right interval for teeth cleaning.

It could vary between 3-6 months; depending upon the current condition and oral hygiene practices followed by the patient.

5. Which is the best tooth paste?

Canadian Dental association validates tooth pastes. Products with CDA seal have been validated to provide the specific benefits claimed by manufacturers- as per CDA(Canadian dental association).

6. Which is better manual or powered toothbrush?

Right brushing technique which helps you to clean all surfaces of the teeth is the main stay.

Powered toothbrushes are recommended for individuals who have difficulty cleaning their teeth with manual toothbrushes.

Tooth brushes with soft rounded bristles are recommended.

Tooth brush should be changed every 3-4 months.

7. How often do I brush my teeth?

Twice a day after meal. It is advised to wait 30 minutes after eating food to brush your teeth.

Floss first and then brush your teeth.

8. Do I need to floss my teeth?

Floss helps clean surfaces in between the teeth.

Floss your teeth at least once a day.

Brush may not be able to reach all surfaces and places in between the teeth and below the gums, floss is needed to clean those areas properly.

9. How often shall I get X-rays for my teeth?

It depends upon the condition of your teeth.

If you have cavities, the dentist may recommend every 6 months or once a year or as less as every 2 years.

The common practice for x-rays is to take ‘as less as possible’.

10. When should children see the dentist for first time?

Fist tooth first visit.

Children should see the dentist either at 1 year of age or within 6 months of first tooth eruption.

The dentist will discuss about various preventative approaches to keep the teeth healthy for your child.

11. How long shall we wait after eating food?

Wait for about 30 minutes to brush after you eat food. Some foods may create an acidic environment in the mouth and that may cause enamel to become soft. Waiting for about 30 minutes, will help neutralize acid. Thus, its advisable to wait for 30 minutes before brushing.

12. How much tooth paste shall be used while brushing teeth?

Age 0-3 years; depends upon as recommended by the dentist. If advised to use a tooth paste, it shouldn’t be more than the size of a rice grain. Parents must perfom brushing for their child. If the child does not have any risk of decay, only a moistened tooth brush should be used without any tooth paste.

Age 3-6 years; Green pea sized- must be assisted by parents.

Adults: Only a Pea sized tooth paste is needed.

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