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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is needed when the cavity has gone far deep into the tooth. Your tooth may be hurting, very sensitive to hot or cold food or the infection is causing pain in the tooth.


Let’s understand what a Root Canal Treatment is?

  • The middle of the root of the tooth encloses a bundle of nerves and blood vessels.
  • The nerves provide feeling to the tooth and blood vessels provide nutrients to the nerves and cells. When this bundle gets inflamed or infected it will need a root canal treatment to treat the pain and infection
  • The number of roots, root canal shape, size and length may vary in each root of the tooth.
  • To do a root canal the dentist will numb/freeze the tooth and remove this inflamed or infected bundle. Then the dentist places a filling material in this empty space.
  • Then another filling is placed in the crown portion of the tooth. The root canal treated tooth will need a crown; which will be done at subsequent visits.
  • Post-operative instructions will be given to you at the end of the appointment.

The tooth can be divided into two parts: The ‘crown’ and the ‘root’ part.
The problem mostly starts with the crown part which is visible in our mouth. The cavity gets bigger and irritates the nerve and blood vessels inside the tooth. As soon as this irritation happens, one will experience sensitivity or pain. If still neglected; it may result in infection or even abscess.

How does a dentist diagnose the need for a root canal treatment?

  • The dentist will need x-rays and do some tests to see how the tooth reacts to different stimuli.
  • The dentist will tap on the tooth and feel along gum to evaluate how the tooth reacts.
  • X-ray, signs and symptoms and tests will help the dentist to diagnose the problem and advise you correct treatment.

How many visits does it take for a root canal treatment?

  • RCT is usually completed in one visit.
  • Depending upon the severity and other conditions, the tooth may need more than one visit.
  • The visit would be approx. 60-120 minutes.

Will the tooth feel different than rest of the teeth after root canal treatment?

  • No. The tooth will still feel no different than the rest of the teeth. Over the period of time, one may even forget which tooth in their mouth have had a root canal.
Root Canal Treatment
The Coquitlam dentists of Lincoln Dental Center use the rotary system for root canal treatment. We recommend a consultation visit before booking the treatment visit to examine and diagnose and discuss the procedure and answer all your questions.
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