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What is the right age for your child to start brushing?

It is very important to maintain Dental Hygiene/Cleaning for children. Following are some helpful tips that you should follow.

Tips for healthy mouth

  • Start brushing as soon as first tooth erupts in the mouth of a child. The first tooth erupts at an average age of 6-7 months.
  • Before the eruption of teeth; use a wet soft cloth/gauze to clean and massage gums of the baby. This will reduce the chances of any bacterial growth in the mouth.
  • Massaging gums with wet gauze moistened with cold water will relieve pain during teething.
  • For the first few years of life, children may not need any toothpaste. Run a tooth brush under warm water to soften the bristles and gently brush your child’s teeth.
    – Flossing is necessary to clean adjacent surfaces of teeth; where the brush can not reach.

1- Brush and floss your child’s teeth:

Age 0-3 years:

  • Soft tooth brush is recommended. Chose a small size tooth brush for a smaller mouth.
  • Tooth paste is generally not recommended as the child is not able to spit properly.
  • Moisten the tooth brush bristles by running under warm water and brush your child’s teeth.
  • Parents should Floss their child’s teeth.
  • Brush twice a day and floss at least once daily.
  • Visit the dentist regularly; they can review your performance and make appropriate suggestions.
  • Dentist can catch dental issues at an early stage and recommend required treatment before the problem gets worse.

2- Help Children with brushing and flossing:

Age 3-6 years:

If your child is not able to write his/her name clearly; they are not ready to brush and floss independently.

  1. For 3-6 years of age; parents should assist the child for brushing and flossing.
  2. For 3-6 years of age; tooth paste of the size of green pea should be used.
  3. Your dentist and their team can help to teach how to brush and floss.
  4. Your dentist can also assess and inform about your performance brushing child’s teeth and make or suggest any changes needed.

3- Supervise children over 6 years of age:

Age over 6 years:

Children over 6 years of age should be supervised for brushing and flossing.

  1. Children over 6 years will need regular supervision. Make sure parents check their teeth after brushing to make sure all areas in the mouth have been cleaned.
  2. Parents must observe them while flossing and help as needed.
    C) Children after 6 years, become more independent with eating food. So, they must be provided with healthy snack options.

4- Brushing at least twice daily and make it fun activity.

  1. Make brushing a fun activity.
  2. Parents should brush along with their children. Children enjoy doing activities with their parents.
  3. Make brushing a fun activity. Play a song that your child likes.
  4. Encourage him/her to brush through the whole song. It will make the whole activity fun and at the same time help that the child gets enough time to brush all teeth and all surfaces of teeth.
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