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What Is Gum Recession?

What Is Gum Recession? | Lincoln Dental Center

Gum recession is when gums start shrinking leading to exposure of tooth root which is usually covered by gums. Gum recession starts as a slow process. Gums start shrinking and teeth start looking longer. It is important to understand causes of gum recession to take measures for prevention of further damage from gum recession.

Signs and symptoms of Gum Recession:

  • Longer looking teeth.
  • Gap between adjacent teeth close to the gum line.
  • Roots of teeth are not covered by gums.
  • Teeth maybe sensitive to hot or cold foods.
What Is Gum Recession Diagram | Lincoln Dental Center

Causes of Gum Recession:

  • Gum Disease and periodontal disease: As we know, it shrinks down the gums covering the roots of teeth.
  • Brushing hard: Gums may not tolerate excessive pressure of tooth brushing.
  • Hard toothbrush bristles: Wrong brushing technique accompanied with hard bristles may damage the softer gums and result in gum recession or even abrasion on the tooth.
  • Misaligned teeth: Crowded teeth will encourage food lodgement and grinding or clenching of teeth. Both these can result in gum recession.
  • Genetics: Genetics play a role in all the health processes.
  • Grinding or clenching teeth: Few causes of grinding or clenching teeth together are Stress, misaligned teeth, Gym, occupation, etc.
  • Smoking and tobacco products.

How to prevent Gum Recession:

  • Most important step is to remove all the possible causes.
  • Most important step is to see the dentist regularly, so that any problem can be caught at the very beginning. It is much easier and less expensive to fix any problem at an earlier stage.
  • Using proper oral hygiene practices, products and techniques.
  • Wearing a mouth guard if one is grinding or clenching their teeth.
  • Correcting mal-aligned teeth.
  • Quit smoking and tobacco products.
  • Tooth portion exposed after shrunken gums is softer and it is easy to abrade it by using wrong toothbrush and aggressive brushing. This can eventually lead to teeth sensitivity. Using softer toothbrush and correct brushing technique can help prevent this kind of abrasion.

Treatment Modalities for Gum Recession:

  • Teeth Cleaning: It removes calculus and plaque deposits. Dental hygienist or Dentist will clean your teeth and discuss about right techniques and products for you.
  • Gum surgery may be needed in some cases.
  • Preventative measures to prevent any future loss of gums.

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