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Stainless Steel Crown (SSC) For Baby Teeth

Stainless Steel Crown (SSC) For Baby Teeth | Lincoln Dental Center

First Baby teeth erupt around the age of 6-7 months. Baby teeth are smaller in size. Baby molars erupt around the age of 24 months and stay until the age of 12 years. Baby molars stay in a child’s mouth for approx. 10 years.

SSC is mostly used for baby molars . SSC is a shiny metal covering tooth on all sides. Children are usually very excited to get a shiny metal crown. It lasts longer than silver and white fillings and can prevent cavities as it covers the whole crown portion of tooth.

Baby teeth are important for a child's overall health. Apart from chewing and eating; baby teeth help maintain space for adult teeth to come in right places. If space is not preserved between teeth, it can lead to crowding and difficulty in normal eruption of adult teeth. Broken teeth, teeth with cavities or abscess may discourage a child from enjoying their food. For normal eating it is imperative to have healthy teeth.

Reasons for placing SSC on a baby tooth:

  • SSC is placed when the dentist determines that a filling will not last.
  • SSC is placed when there is chance of recurrent decay.
  • SSC is placed when the tooth has a big cavity.
  • SSC is placed when the baby tooth needs treatment for the pulp.
  • SSC is placed when a baby tooth is expected to stay over 2 years of age.

Children do not like to spend longer time in a dental office. If a large filling is done and it fractures; then either SSC will be done, or a tooth extraction will be needed. To avoid having these multiple visits, the dentist may plan to go ahead with SSC at the very beginning.

Advantages of SSC:

  • Cost effective: The SSCs are inexpensive. SSC is prefabricated in different sizes, which makes it cost effective.
  • Kids friendly: Single visit procedure and the appointment time is short.
  • Lasts Longer: They last until the eruption of adult teeth.
  • Reduced cavities: The SSC covers all surfaces of the tooth. So, chances of recurrent decay are reduced.
  • Fits well: The size and shape of SSC is like natural baby teeth. Children do not feel any difference between natural teeth and SSC.

Procedure for placing SSC:

  • Child dentistry dentist will clean out the cavity and if it is close to the pulp, then a treatment for pulp will be done.
  • The tooth is shaped for placement of SSC.
  • SSC is tried on to check the fit and adjustment is done if needed.
  • SSC is glued on the tooth with a dental cement.
  • Bite is checked and adjusted if needed.


Q1: Will SSC hinder the eruption of adult teeth?

Answer: SSC does not hinder eruption of adult teeth. SSC only covers the crown portion of the tooth. Tooth with SSC sheds the same way as a normal baby tooth would.

Q2: Does SSC feel different than normal teeth?

Answer: SSCs feel and look like normal human teeth. Their shape and size simulate the human teeth.

Q3: Is SSC always better than filling?

Answer: Indications for SSC have been discussed above. Filling is best in teeth with small cavity.

Q4: Is it dangerous to have metal in mouth?

Answer: With newer metals; the chance of any allergic reaction is less. Well fitted crowns are made. SSC has a very high success rate.

Q5: Will SSC break with chewing pressure?

Answer: SSCs are very strong. They can easily withstand the pressure of eating and chewing

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