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4 easy ways to completely transform your smile.

Whether you have discolored teeth, chipped teeth, cracks in teeth, small gaps or small crowding; there are few things that can transform your smile within hours or few days.

A smile and smiling face enhance your personality. Having a beautiful smile adds more to your confidence. Smile brings more happiness to you and people around you. There are many people who think that their teeth look unattractive and they want to change it. We are providing some options to get the kind of smile you deserve, is easy to achieve than you think. Everyone and every situation are unique; so consulting a dentist for your situation is advised.

There are multiple reasons people think that their teeth look unattractive:
a) The yellow colour and stains on teeth.
b) Chipped front teeth.
c) Shape of teeth is not attractive.
d) Fillings on front teeth become discoloured over time.
e) Crooked front teeth.
f) Short or long front teeth.

There are some procedures that can help you get the smile you deserve.
Teeth whitening procedures have been around for a long time. Many kinds of over the counter and professional teeth whitening products and techniques are available. With increasing awareness about teeth whitening; more and more research has developed products like whitening tooth pastes, whitening strips, whitening gels, laser whitening and light activated teeth whitening. Results of self whitening products are not predictable, and it takes a lot longer to get even 2-4 shades whiter. Whereas procedures performed by professional dental offices have more predictable, faster results with very less to no side effects. Dental professionals can diagnose and recommend correct whitening procedure for your teeth. Incorrect and overuse of whitening products may cause sensitivity.

Dental veneer is a thin layer of porcelain or composite material glued to the teeth. Dental veneers usually take two visits. Fist visit involves prepping the teeth and making a mould. Second visit involves gluing lab fabricated veneers to teeth. Veneers can enhance your smile. Veneers change the shape, size and shade/color of your teeth. This is an easy and less invasive procedure to correct shape, shade and size of the teeth. Lab fabricated veneers are made in the dental lab and allows for more control over shape, size, thickness of the veneers.
Problems that can be corrected with dental veneers include spacing or gap between front teeth; discolored teeth, teeth with cracks, small teeth, etc. Dental veneers should last at least 10 years. Your dentist will also recommend mouth guard after veneers are done if you grind or clench your teeth. Veneers are recommended over 18 years of age. Healthy mouth and healthy gums are required to achieve perfection with veneers.

Dental crowns can correct problems like spacing between teeth, chipped teeth, slightly crooked teeth, etc. Dental crowns are more invasive procedure as compared to veneers. It can be done in two visits. Shape, size, color of teeth can be changed. Dental crown covers whole tooth. Like veneers; porcelain crowns are fabricated in the lab; providing more control over, shape and size of the teeth.

To improve slight discrepancy in length, closing a small gap between teeth, etc.; doing white composite fillings is all that is needed. The dentist will try to match the shade and colour of your teeth. This is a one visit procedure. The disadvantage with fillings on front teeth is that they can chip off easily. Whether it’s a crown, veneer or a filling; you will be advised not to bite on hard foods like nuts with your front teeth.

It is advised to consult a Dental Professional before you make any such decision. Having an expert advise is very important.

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